The Ultimate Ceramic Shell
The Ultimate Ceramic Shell
The Ultimate Ceramic Shell

The Ultimate Ceramic Shell

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Protects, Repels, Shines!

Provides The Ultimate In Ceramic Hard-Shell Projection! 

At Last, A Specially Formulated Water Repellant Sealant!

With A Glass Like Shine And Hard-Shell Dirt Protection!

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Protect Your Car. Protect Your Investment.... Save Thousands!

Get Total Protection and A Lasting Shine in Just Minutes!

Created By Top Scientists To Ensure Quality!

Thousands of Satisfied Customers - 5 Star Ratings Across The Board!

​Repels Water, Dirt, Street Grime & More!

​True Ceramic Coating Nanotechnology!


Liquid Glass, The Ultimate Ceramic Shell Spray, is a highly-concentrated, simple to use DIY SiO2 ceramic coating that is ready to go right out of the bottle. It is perfect on its own or as an added layer of protection for your current coating or wax. Liquid Glass Ceramic Spray has extremely powerful hydrophobic properties that deeply enhances your shine with an easy spray and wipe process that produces more depth and clarity on the paint surface.


Why LIQUID GLASS™ Is The TOP Consumer-Grade Ceramic Coating:

The Easiest To Apply On The Market
Simply spray-on the coating with microfiber sponge and buff to a nice shine with a microfiber towel. No need to worry about leveling, paint correction and other technical challenges with traditional ceramic coatings!

True Ceramic Coating Nanotechnology
Not just another Sio2-infused quick detailer. LIQUID GLASS™ is a heavy-duty coating; it chemically bonds to your clear coat in the same way a 9H Ceramic Coating does.

Repels Water, Dirt, Street Grime & More
No more washing & waxing each month. Our formula is extremely hydrophobic; your car repels water and keeps dirt & debris from sticking.

365 Days of Protection
Typically lasts for over 12 months. - Longer than any other consumer-grade product out there


My car looks just as good as the day I drove it off the lot...

"I didn't expect much, considering how cheap it was, but Liquid Glass really delivers. My car looks amazing, it doesn't get scratches has had zero water damage. I love this stuff!"
- Jake, NC

Keeps my car in performance mode

"I spent good money on my car. I want it to look like it. This stuff make it look like I just had it detailed 24/7. I recommend it to anyone! It's gotten me so many compliments on my car and protected it from damage."
 - Hank, CA

Perfect Shine. Perfect Protection.

We are the home of “The Original Hard-Shell” line of products and our motto of Protect, Repel & Shine resonates loudly throughout the industry.

Liquid Glass strives to be your number one source for all your automotive products which we specially have formulated to protect and beautify your automobile.

You wouldn't be here unless you were passionate about your car, just like we are. We are dedicated to giving you the absolute best products in the industry, with a focus on quality, pricing and 100% customer satisfaction

Keeps my car looking like I don't have 2 teenagers...

"With two teenage drivers, I expected some damage. But, honestly, I did myself a huge favor with Liquid Glass. My car looks like a million bucks, and my kids haven't been able to ruin it yet!"
 - Sarah, WA

Has worked wonders in the winter.... NO MORE SALT DAMAGE!

"I live in the midwest. I'm just used to have my car look like crap in the winter time. But, honestly, with Liquid Glass, it protects it from water, snow, sleet, salt, dirt and keeps it looking amazing all year long."
- Alonzo, MN

New car shine all year long

"I live in the midwest. I'm just used to have my car look like crap in the winter time. But, honestly, with Liquid Glass, it protects it from water, snow, sleet, salt, dirt and keeps it looking amazing all year long."
- Alonzo, MN

One ceramic coating of The Ultimate Ceramic Shell not only offers rock-hard paint protection, but also has hydrophobic/water-repellent properties as well. This transparent layer of armor resists UV rays, repels road grime, and prevents scratches, chemicals, extreme heat, and swirl marks from eating into your car’s paintwork.

When properly applied and cared for, this semi-permanent ceramic shield will last for months, requiring little more than a quick rinse when dirtied.

Liquid Glass, The Ultimate Ceramic Hard-Shell sealant contains SiO2 which uses nano size particles and silicone dioxide in a resin base to create a glass-like protective coating over your car's paint.

The Ultimate Ceramic Shell will prevent scratches and swirls to the car's surface, and can somewhat remove light scratches and swirl marks by filing them in. Our primary purpose is to put a protective hard-shell around your auto, boat, motorcycle and RV to prevent future problems.

This spray-on, wipe-off silicone dioxide sealant provides longer lasting and better protection than traditional carnauba waxes and conventional synthetic sealants.

Liquid Glass is the most affordable product you can use for your vehicle, boat, motorcycle or RV. On average, professionally applied coatings can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $3,500 for a similar coating.

The Ultimate Ceramic Shell is perfect for a motorcycle’s chrome, seats, windshields and head gear. The best thing about it is the protection and bling it gives to chrome without hazing up!

Boats can use it on any fiberglass and interior surfaces, and is a great solution to protect the boat's surface from the harsh elements, repelling UV rays and not allowing salt and acid rain to penetrate the pores. When a boat is treated with a ceramic coating, the surface becomes very hydrophobic or water repellant.

Shine, Brilliance and Protection for Your RV, The Ultimate Ceramic Shell is a semi-permanent ceramic coating which bonds directly with your motorhome's paint. Relative to your RV's size, it is easily applied by hand, and in about 60 minutes you'll have provided your paintwork with long-term shine and protection from rain, dirt, and harmful UV rays.

Liquid Glass, The Ultimate Ceramic Shell can remove light water spots. Just spray on, wipe and rub to a beautiful shine, and repeat for a stubborn spot. But if you have a hard mineral spot, The Ultimate Ceramic Shell may not be able to detach it from the surface. We are recommending that you use a good water spot dissolving product, and then apply The Ultimate Ceramic Shell as a prevention for getting future water spots.

Always remember that once the hard-shell is applied your paint is protected, and that those future spots you may notice are trapped in the invisible layer of the ceramic shell, meaning they have not penetrated to the coat itself, which is very important.

With Liquid Glass, The Ultimate Ceramic Shell if you have an average size car you should be able to coat it about 6 times. This estimate is for our 16 Oz spray bottle. Some people like to apply more than less, so this estimate will vary depending on the user.

How To Apply Your Liquid Glass

Ideally, per our directions, please apply in a shaded area. If not convenient or practical, The Ultimate Ceramic Shell can be applied in direct sunlight, but we are recommending you work on smaller sections like 3 feet by 3 feet. Apply, distribute, shine, and completely buff to polish each section before moving to another section. Meanwhile, about the glass and stainless steel, it is best to apply when it is cooled down. We are advising not to apply The Ultimate Ceramic Shell on those surfaces when they are hot because this can sometimes lead to unwanted hazing.

The 100% No-Risk Promise & 1 YEAR Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 365-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason you don't like the product, we'll refund you 100% of your purchase price within 1 year of purchase. That's a warranty you can't beat!

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