The Detox Suds
The Detox Suds
The Detox Suds
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✅ This suds is our most powerful washing product! Once you’ve used Liquid Glass, The Detox Suds you will never want to go back to any of the other pretender shampoos out there. Why do we feel confident in saying this?

Well, we combine a PH neutral soap with Detox properties thus assuring that you have a proper, perfect detoxed finish for the application of your ceramic shell sealant.

✅The Detox Suds is wax-free, and will gently remove any remaining waxes, glazes, and will provide a strong, yet paint gentle detox for your car’s finish. It removes all that very hard to see the ground in dirt lodged in your clear coat and thus providing a perfectly flat surface which is needed and so important before your ceramic coat application. 

✅The most durable and highest level of protection available in the industry at this time is Ceramic Coatings, but surface preparation is the key to getting the best protection possible. Only when your car’s surface is residue and contaminant-free, will your ceramic shell be able to properly bond to your paintwork for longer-lasting protection.

✅This is not your everyday run of the mill suds, no this is a detox soap specially formulated to prep your vehicle for its base coat of ceramic sealant.

✅Liquid Glass uses the latest technology to safely and gently lift and remove dirt from your paint’s surface greatly reducing the risk of swirling. 

✅It is very important to prep your vehicle, boat, or RV prior to using a ceramic coating like our own Liquid Glass, The Ultimate Ceramic Shell.

✅A quality ceramic shell infuses your car’s clear coat, so it is imperative that it be completely free of any dirt, leaves, grime, bird droppings, and any other contaminants before applying any sealant. This will ensure a proper and stronger molecular bond and extend the life and properties of the ceramic sealant.

✅So now you can understand why it is so crucial to “prep” the painted surfaces with Liquid Glass, Detox Suds. This prep work was our primary purpose in formulating this suds product for your personal DIY use. That, and also to maintain your sealant so that it will provide you much longer protection time.

✅The shine of the ceramic hard shell is definitely and noticeably increased when this crucial bonding takes place correctly producing a layer of protection and a very hard glass shell, and that’s what Liquid Glass products are all about! After all, we do pride ourselves in being “Home of the Original Hard-Shell”

✅The Detox Suds was formulated by Liquid Glass to go hand in hand with our nanotech ceramic hard-shell sealant, The Ultimate Ceramic Shell, and our incredible topper, The Ultimate Finisher. We call these 3 products when used together “The Dream Team”.

✅A ceramic coating should be washed with automotive-specific suds, that is PH neutral, contains no wax, and is ultra-suds producing. This is why we are highly recommending Liquid Glass,  The Detox Suds. It fits the bill in preparing the painted surface for its hard-shell sealant, so you can achieve the ultimate bond between your car’s clear coat and the ceramic sealant coat!

✅We recommend using The Detox Suds every 2 weeks after applying The Ultimate Ceramic Shell sealant for regular maintenance.


✅The Detox Suds minimizes drying time and helps to protect your paint from wash-induced scratches and swirls, all while rinsing clean without streaking or spotting. DId we also mention environmentally friendly and pH neutral, perfect!

✅The Detox Suds for ceramic coatings is an ideal cleaner for regular maintenance of vehicles that have already been treated with a ceramic coating. It’s PH neutral which makes it an ideal stripper, detoxer, and cleaner. It will rejuvenate any ceramic coating, and give it renewed life. It will ensure that your surface remains hydrophobic.


✅Not only was The Detox Suds formulated to prep your vehicle’s paint prior to applying the ceramic coat product, but it also was intended for use to maintain the sealant and add months to its life. We recommend washing every 2 weeks.

✅You can wash your car as you normally would, just be sure to use a PH neutral, waxless soap, and that is why we are highly recommending our product The Detox Suds, as this will maintain the hard-shell’s hydrophobic water repellent and UV protection properties for much longer.

✅ Also, it is best if you maintain a wash routine that consists of a proper hand wash, and as previously recommended, do this wash every two weeks. As your coating becomes covered with dirt and contamination, you will notice a decrease in hydrophobic properties (i.e. water beading & sheeting) so it is important to remove these surface contaminants often.

✅The Detox Suds is a great product to remove heavy grime and old wax. The suds get into and covers everything with remarkable ease. Yes, you do need to use a wash mitt and bucket to go over the car but it is super fast and easy. No real scrubbing, the mitt gets that final layer of gunk off that just sticks to the paint.

✅The Detox Suds adds another layer of protection to your vehicle’s paint and will help your sealant in combating rain, road grime, water spots, bird droppings, and other contaminants.

✅When it comes time to do a full detail on your ride, whether it's one you've been maintaining for a number of years, or fresh off the car lot, there will be some layer of buildup on all the exterior surfaces. Waxes, glazes, dressings, and things like tree sap or bird crap will have accumulated.

✅Without using a good detox shampoo before the ceramic coat application, these layers can hinder the effectiveness of your ceramic coat and lead to reduced performance. The solution is to use our Liquid Glass, The Detox Suds which will strip away these contaminants, and assure you of a good bonding of our Liquid Glass, The Ultimate Ceramic Shell to the clear coat surface. 

✅Washing with a premium detox shampoo will result in a dramatically easier detail by helping remove or degrade existing contaminants on the vehicle. If you choose not to detox the exterior surfaces of your car simply be prepared to adjust your technique to compensate, but be prepared for less stellar results.

✅By stripping the finish before big details not only will you make the process faster and easier you'll prolong the life of your new ceramic coat

✅You might be asking yourself will a good detox washing hurt my car’s paint, and plain and simple the answer is definitely not, as long as it's done using a premium gentle product like Liquid Glass, The Detox Suds. With its gentle action, there really is no concern whatsoever. 

✅Some old school guys will claim things like it will dry out your paint, which is not true. Detox washing is a perfectly safe way to prepare your exterior for detailing, and in all honesty, the chemicals we used in our suds product are less harsh than those used in your average drive thru car wash!

The Detox Suds is a thick, rich concentrated detergent-based formula that gently deep cleans dirt and grime while protecting & Detoxing your car's finish. Its unique ingredients combat hard water deposits rinses easily and is the perfect ceramic coat prep.

✅Also, you should stick to The Detox Suds for your in-between washes and upkeep.

It is the perfect maintainer for any ceramic coat. You will start to notice a huge difference pretty quickly, and we would enjoy hearing your feedback.

✅At Liquid Glass, home of the Original Hard-Shell,

  • we strive to be your number one source for all your automotive products which protect and beautify your automobile.
  • You wouldn't be here unless you were passionate about your car, just like we are.
  •  We are dedicated to giving you the absolute best products in the industry, with a focus on quality, pricing, and 100% customer satisfaction! 




The Detox Suds

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Ruby A.
Philippines Philippines
You should try it!

The easiest wash I've ever had or used. EVER!

Erin P.
Philippines Philippines
Perfect combinations

The Detox Suds coupled with The Ultimate Ceramic Shell and The Ultimate Finisher is so good, I look forward to washing and taking care my car with these products.

Josiah M.
Philippines Philippines
This product is perfect

The Detox Suds works very well, cleans completely, smells nice, and preps the car for the The Ultimate Ceramic Shell. Bravo!

Johann A.
Philippines Philippines
This is worth buying for

The Detox Suds is the only soap I will use on my car. Great water beading and deep gloss after use. Highly recommended.

Josiah B.
This product is perfect

The Detox Suds works very well, cleans completely, smells nice, and preps the car for the The Ultimate Ceramic Shell. Bravo!